Voucher, thẻ tích điểm


Voucher, the tich diem

1. Dimension

– Customized size
– Common size of voucher and point card:

2. Material

-The common type of voucher, point card are made of offset paper, rarely using couches paper.

-Some customers have discount events for clients, use premium paper, art paper, that is the colorful paper types and so beautiful.

Voucher, the tich diem chat lieu
Voucher giấy couches
Voucher, the tich diem chat lieu giay my thuat
Voucher giấy mỹ thuật

3. Print and plastic laminated

-Voucher often contains multiple images and colors should be printed full color.
-Fine art paper, offset paper that doesn’t need plastic laminated on surfaces,. Some material like couches and Ivory often had to plastic laminated to ensure the color and quality of the product.
Voucher can bong
Voucher cán bóng
Voucher can mo
Voucher cán mờ

4. Finishing

-Voucher, point card, after finishing in plastic lamination and then cropping off is perfection.
-Voucher need luxury more machining methods such as: metal embossing, de-embossing …

Voucher the ep kim
Voucher ép kim
Voucher the thuc noi
Voucher thúc nổi

1. Cutting off voucher and point card

2. Folding oucher and point card 

Voucher gap doi

3. Voucher, point card in special shapes

Voucher hinh thu dac biet

4. Metal embossing voucher and point card

Voucher tich diem ep kim

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