Túi giấy


1. Dimension

The paper bag size depending on the purpose of use of the customer used to how product packaging.
-Some basic paper bag size

kich thuoc tui

2. Material

-Paper Bags are made of many different materials: Couches, Ivory, white kraft, kraft, kraft Brown Brown, duplex …
-Women’s fashion shop should take the couches material, to save cost more then used white kraft paper.
-Men’s fashion or gift bag should use Ivory to when building the bag looks sturdy, sure.

Giay couches
Túi giấy couches
giay kraft trang
Túi giấy kraft trắng
giay kraft nau
Túi kraft nâu

3. Print and laminate technique

4. Finishing

-Use paper bag material paper couches, ivory is often used although the parachute cord. Although the line usually has 3 main types: standard parachute cord (this type, Elasticity, costs cheapest), unexpanded parachute cord that the good kind (this type of gloss surface, used to make bags for luxury bags or heavy furniture) premium twisted ropes (this type type twisted as rope drums, no Elastic , high cost).

-Use white or brown kraft kraft material then the twisted paper cord, you can use the more twisted paper cord straps of the same color with the paper.
-To paper bag more luxury, then use the extra method of the metal embossing, embossing, de-embossing, UV coating …

quai du thuong
Quai dù thường
quai du khong gian
Quai dù không giãn
quai du xoan
Quai dù xoắn
quai Kraft trắng
Quai giấy trắng
quai Kraft nau
Quai giấy nâu
quai duc lo
Quai dạng đục lỗ
ep kim
Túi giấy ép kim

1. Typical paper bag price calculate guide

2. Premium paper bag price calculate guide

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