Hộp cứng cao cấp


Hop cung

1. Dimension

– Customized size
– Typical rigid box:

Hop cung nam cham
Hộp nam châm
Hop cung am duong dan huong
Hộp âm dương dẫn hướng
Hop cung am duong nap chup
Hộp âm dương nắp chụp

2. Material

-Advanced hard Box is made by inner core is rigid carton, outside carton are paper covered. 
-Cover paper if in a variety of colors and images then using paper couches, some customers want to tare the superior product but friendly environment or enjoy rustic style, use kraft. Hard box is shaped by the superior product should also not less fine art paper used to express claims the luxury class.

Hop cung giay c
Hộp cứng giấy couches
Hop cung giay kraft
Hộp cứng giấy kraft
Hop cung giay my thuat
Hộp cứng giấy mỹ thuật

3. Print and laminate technique

Mẫu 1
In 01 màu
Hop cung in 2 mau
In 02 màu
Hop cung in 3 mau
In 03 màu
Hop cung in 4 mau
In 04 màu
Hop cung in muc nhu
In mực nhũ
Hop cung in nen bet
In nền bệt
Hop cung khong in nen
Không in nền
Hop cung can bong
Cán bóng
Hop cung can mo
Cán mờ

4. Finishing

-Hard Box is the product requires many stages of processing time should complete the product also is relatively long. The common hard box has to be laminated the external surface only
-Hard Box is advanced products so most clients don’t mind spending more outsourcing projects to create focal points such as: lamination, UV coating, following through to the closing.

Hop cung thuong
Hộp cứng thường
Hộp cứng ép kim
Hop cung phu uv
Hộp cứng phủ UV
Hop cung be hinh dac biet
Hộp cứng bế thủng hình thù đặc biệt

1. Typical hard box price calculate guide

2. Premium ard box with UV and metal embossing price calculate guide

Mẫu 1
Mẫu 1
Mẫu 2
Mẫu 2
Mẫu 3
Mẫu 3
Mẫu 4
Mẫu 4
Mẫu 5
Mẫu 5
Mẫu 6
Mẫu 6
Mẫu 7
Mẫu 7
Mẫu 8
Mẫu 8
Mẫu 9
Mẫu 9
Mẫu 10
Mẫu 10

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