Letterhead professional offset printing in Vietnam



1. Dimension

Normally: A4 (205 x 295 mm)

2. Material

– Letterhead normally made by offset paper, page weigh 100 gsm or 120 gsm.

3. Print specification

In 01 màu
In 02 màu
In 03 màu
In 04 màu
In mực nhũ
In nền bệt
Không in nền

4. Finishing

– Letterhead after printed logo and corporate information are cropping square, used to print the quote, contract, papers … in order to demonstrate the professionalism of the company.
– To make more luxury, letterhead can use the additional method of metal embossing to create points of emphasis of the logo.

1. Calculate price of standard letterhead

2.Calculate price of art paper letterhead

3.Calculate price of metal embossing letterhead

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