Label, sticker


Tem nhan

1. Dimension

Size customized, normally 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 20x20mm

2. Material

Decal giay thuong
Decal giấy thường
Decal giay kraft
Decal giấy kraft
tem vo
Tem vỡ
Decal trong
Decal trong
Decal bac
Decal bạc
tem 7 mau
Tem 7 màu
Tem chong hang gia
Tem chống giả

3. Printing technique

in 1 mau
In 01 màu
in 2 mau
In 02 màu
in 3 mau
In 03 màu
in 4 mau
In 04 màu
in muc nhu
In mực nhũ
in nen bet
In nền bệt
khong in nen
Không in nền
can bong
Cán bóng
can mo
Cán mờ

4. Finishing

-Label was plastic laminated or not, depending on the purpose of use
-If the size of rectangular sticker from 4 cm or over should choose the cutting off to save costs. If the size of rectangle label smaller than 4 cm or special shape is not a rectangle, then must use died cutting technology  or semi-died cutting. The total number less then using semi-died cutting for customer convenient 

xan roi
Tem xén rời
be demi
Tem bế demi
be theo khuon
Tem bế theo khuôn
tem khong can
Tem không cán
tem can bong
Tem cán bóng
tem can mo
Tem cán mờ

1. Label cutting off price calculate

cach tinh ecal xen roi

2. Semi died cutting for ectangular label less than 4 cm both size

cach tinh decal be demi

3. Died cutting or semi died cutting for eclipse, oval, special shapes

cach tinh decal hinh thu dac biet

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