Thiệp mời


Thiep moi

1. Dimension

– Customize size
– Typical size:

8 x 12 cm
9.5 x 22 cm
12 x 8 cm
15 x 15 cm
16 x 12 cm
19 x 22 cm
30 x 15 cm

2. Material

-Depending on the style of the event that select the appropriate material, usually, you can use the paper couches, offset, ivory. 
The party or event needs to demonstrate the elegance you should choose the fine art paper material, this paper has many colors and so different than the usual paper 

Mẫu 10
Thiệp giấy thường
Giay my thuat
Thiệp giấy mỹ thuật

3. Printing and laminate technique

Total amount normally reach small then should be printed with industry laser technology often is in full colors

-Fine art paper-like materials or plastic laminated,  couches and Ivory plastic extrusion often to ensure the color and quality of the product.

Can bong
Thiệp cán bóng
Can mo
Thiệp cán mờ

4. Finishing

-The invitation usually follows when printing is completed, rolling plastic membrane and then cropping left, closing the folding tendon is finished.
-Invitation should should add luxurious fabrication methods such as: lamination, end, stamping, UV coating …

Mẫu 7
Thiệp ép kim
Thiep dap chim
Thiệp dập chìm
Thiep phu uv
Thiệp phủ UV

1. Typical invitation

Cach tinh thiep xen vuong

2. Invitation with one fold

Cach tinh thiep gap doi

3. Special shape invitation

Cach tinh thiep hinh thu dac biet

4. Metal embossing invitation

Cach tinh thiep ep kim
Mẫu 1
Mẫu 1
Mẫu 2
Mẫu 2
Mẫu 3
Mẫu 3
Mẫu 4
Mẫu 4
Mẫu 5
Mẫu 5
Mẫu 6
Mẫu 6
Mẫu 7
Mẫu 7
Mẫu 8
Mẫu 8
Mẫu 9
Mẫu 9
Mẫu 10
Mẫu 10

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