Bạt Hiflex


In bat

1. Uses

– Hiflex canvas used to make bandroll, banner, standee, backdrop, billboard, shop signboards, wave board,  Lightbox board

Cach tinh in bat hiflex

2. Material

-Hiflex canvas distinguish based on the thickness. Canvas thickness hiflex ranged from 0.26-0.52 mm, with different thickness can be divided into 3 categories as light penetration, no penetration, medium penetration
-Using in the ad usually is 0.32 mm high

Bat hiflex - bat trung
Bạt trung
Bat hiflex - bat day
Bạt dày

3. Finishing

-Customize the purpose of use that canvas hiflex are machined according to the different ways. But the most popular is opaque to do tensions oze banner, standee or shot fixed up the frame of the folding edge of the skirt, or transparent backdrop (plastic) to hook bandroll do head 1 
-If using a scroll banner (scroll standee ) then the hiflex canvas or pp material need to expand 5 cm length to tuck into scroll banner

pp xo khoen
PP xỏ khoen (oze)
bat hiflex xo khoen
Bạt hiflex xỏ khoen (oze)

1.  Hiflex canvas price calculate

cach tinh gia bat hiflex

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