Kep file

1. Dimension

Standard size of A4 file binder is 220 x 310 x 70 mm: (width x height x tray), if want to contain more files then file boxes spine about 6 mm.

Kep file thuong
Kẹp file thường
Kep file hop
Kẹp file hộp

2. Material

-Usual material paper couches Pindo (Briston), paper type has two identical surfaces slick should print beautiful photos that still ensures the hardness of cable folder.
-If the only file in addition to the hand grip can use Ivory, this type 1 polished and rough surface 1 side.
-To save some costs, the use of paper, paper-like surface usually couches couches pindo but softer paper, when user is not sturdy.
-To have a folder made the difference, use fine art paper.

Kep file giay thuong
Kẹp file giấy thường
Kep file in giay my thuat
Kẹp file giấy mỹ thuật

3. Print and lamination technique

Kep file in 1 mau
In 01 màu
Kep file in 2 mau
In 02 màu
Kep file in 3 mau
In 03 màu
Kep file in 4 mau
In 04 màu
Kep file in can bong
In mực nhũ
Kep file thuong
In nền bệt
Kep file khong in nen
Không in nền
Kep file in 5 mau
Cán bóng
Kep file in can mo
Cán mờ

4. Finishing

-Folder can work with 1 set or ear 2 tray, in the tray set usually closing 2 slot to clamp the card.
-Some customers want to do install special shaped trays so the tray height of 70 mm, so the higher price also changes because change paper size print.
-To create highlights and more luxurious, then use the additional method of lamination, embossing, UV coating.

Kep file boi gap doi
Kẹp file bồi gập đôi
Kep file ep kim
Kẹp file ép kim
Kep file ep kim thuc noi
Kẹp file thúc nổi
Kep file day co dinh
Kẹp file có dây cố định
Kep file tai cai dac biet
Kẹp file tai cài đặc biệt

1. Typical folder price calculate 

Cach tinh kep file thuong

2. Premium folder price calculate

Cach tinh kep file thuc noi
Mẫu 1
Mẫu 1
Mẫu 2
Mẫu 2
Mẫu 3
Mẫu 3
Mẫu 4
Mẫu 4
Mẫu 5
Mẫu 5
Mẫu 6
Mẫu 6
Mẫu 7
Mẫu 7
Mẫu 8
Mẫu 8
Mẫu 9
Mẫu 9
Mẫu 10
Mẫu 10

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