Quy định chung


1. The Regulations set your print at GLEAP

GLEAP the right to refuse or cancel your order for any reason at any time. GLEAP may ask for a phone number and address before receiving orders. GLEAP pledged to provide accurate pricing information for consumers. However, sometimes there are errors occur, such as in the case the product does not display correctly on the Website or the wrong price, depending on each case GLEAP will contact guidance or notice to cancel orders that to you. GLEAP has the right to refuse or cancel any orders whether or not the order has been confirmed or have been paid

2. privacy rights of customers

When using the service at the website GLEAP, you are assured that the information provided to us will only be used to improve service quality for customers GLEAP and will not be transferred to the other third for commercial purposes. Your information will be at our GLEAP confidential and only required to provide this information to law enforcement agencies when requested right with the law.

3. Your responsibilities when using services

Guests are encouraged to contribute information and reviews for GLEAP have more idea about the product or improve the quality of services. However, you are not permitted on the website GLEAP information affecting adversely the rights of others, information untrue, taking misrepresentation, contrary habits and customs or comments with political, religious discrimination, gender, ethnicity … You absolutely must not use any of the tools, methods to intervene, invading illegally into the system or changing the structure data on the website GLEAP. You may not take actions (done, cheering) intervention, intrusion data GLEAP system and our server. If you have any questions about your order, please respond to us for assistance immediately. All complaints will not be solved if exceeding 07 days from the end date of validity of the product (voucher) of each product.

4. Trademarks and Copyrights

All intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered), content information and all design, text, graphics, software, photos, video, music , sound, translation software, the source code and the basic software are the property of GLEAP. The entire content of the Website is protected by the copyright laws of Vietnam and international conventions. All rights reserved.

5. The right to legal

conditions, terms and contents of this Website are governed by the laws of Vietnam and the competent court in Vietnam will resolve any disputes arising from the unauthorized use this website.

6. Responsibilities and rights of GLEAP

We ensure that users are printed with the correct product details published on the website GLEAP. We will support information and assistance in handling cases arising in inquiries and complaints. In case of any problems arising unwanted or her responsibility, GLEAP will not be responsible for any losses incurred. Also, we do not allow organizations and individuals to promote products at the website GLEAP or use the information on the website GLEAP without permission in writing from us. Agreements and regulations under the Terms of Use may be changed at any time and effective immediately when updates (unless otherwise stated).

7. Change, cancel the transaction at GLEAP

Customer may terminate the transaction in the following cases:

Customers who have ordered automatically available www.nhomin.vn, has received an order confirmation email from info@gleap.vn email but not yet paid a deposit in, or paid deposits GLEAP printed but not yet confirmed the production order.

Customers placed orders automatically available nhomin.vn, received an email from the email order confirmation info@gleap.vn, paid a deposit in accordance with the payment information on the website but www.gleap.vn not received confirmed orders exceed production time 7 days from GLEAP.

Customers are responsible for providing adequate information and correct participation in transactions GLEAP. In cases where customers enter the wrong information on the page to send electronic information GLEAP sales, GLEAP may refuse to perform the transaction. Any controversy, claim or dispute arising out of or related to the transaction at GLEAP or the Rules and Conditions will be resolved by way of negotiation, mediation, arbitration and / or court sentenced under the Law on protection of consumers Chapter 4 settlement of disputes between consumers and organizations and individuals trading in goods and services.

8. Law and jurisdiction in Vietnam

All Terms and Conditions and the Contract (and all obligations arising out of or related contracts) shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Vietnam Male. If any dispute arises by the Regulation of Use, you send a complaint to the courts of Vietnam to deal with.