Đổi trả và hoàn tiền


1. The goods delivered were malfunctioning, wrong or missing content

GLEAP recommended customer check product status before payment to ensure that goods are delivered in the right category, quantity, specifications under the order.

If case is incorrect according to the order, please notify customer support so we have timely processing.

In case the customer has paid, goods receipt and then discovered the faulty goods, the wrong content or missing items, please contact immediately with the customer support Division of GLEAP order to get us to support the next steps as the change/return or send the missing product to you

2. The goods delivered were technical errors

When you encounter a problem with the product printed by GLEAP, please perform the following steps:

Step 1: check the product specifications.

Step 2: you contact the customer service department to report the status of the product. Here, the customer care staff will collect information and connect with the after sales department to tackle the problems concerned about errors the product to customers.

Step 3: within 5-7 days from the date of the order, if the product is put in your confirmation from the Department after the sale that product engineering, will be addressed in the back or deducted money as prescribed by the company.