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1. Purpose and scope crawl

term “personal information” in this Policy means information that identifies or potentially identifiable personal identity of the customer. What kind of personal information that we process (which may vary by jurisdiction based on applicable law) include: Company Name, shops, business units, trading address, identification number tax, Last name, contact address, email, phone number, mobile phone number … We always inform the customer about the specific purposes if necessary collects personal information of customers on website: www.nhomin.vn and all information must be provided voluntarily.

2. Scope uses information

Personal information collected will only be used within the company. The Company may disclose personal information collected from customers for other parties such as resellers of our services, reception and delivery of products, in order to send the product to customers in the shortest time least according to the information line. When necessary, we can use this information to contact directly with customers in various forms such as: confirmation order information, identify the product to the customer, confirm delivery time production according to the customer information, confirm the place of delivery products …

3. time store information

The company will store the personal information by the customer provided on the internal systems of us, in the process of customers create orders or when the client has requested cancellation of the information provided in the course create orders.

4. Address of the unit collect and manage personal information


Address: 184 Nguyen Tuan, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Telephone: (+84)2462 935 989

Email: info@gleap.vn,

website: www.gleap.vn

5. means and tools for users to access and edit your personal data

customers want to edit your personal information, please contact the customer service department of the company according to the hotline: 02462 935 989

6. Commitments confidential customer personal information

the company will not share your information for any other company except the dealer, parts receiving applications goods and invoicing to customers in order information. In some special cases, the Company may be required to disclose personal information, such as when there is a basis for the disclosure of information is necessary to prevent threats to life and health, or for law enforcement purposes. Companies committed to compliance with fishing rules information security for customers and the National Privacy Principles.