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Founded in 2011, GLEAP Vietnam is a package printing company, specially succeed in offset industrial printing field.

GLEAP  is the pioneering use of automated ordering system, pricing details for each product on the website. Thereby, customers can fully finance to plan the most accurate, the most optimal based system and our consultants.


GLEAP  aims to become a leading printing brand in the field of offset printing industry.

In addition, GLEAP oriented business development is always associated with social responsibility, contribute to market transparency printing as well as forming the habit of using the print products friendly to the environment


Truthfulness – Fairness – Responsibility

GLEAP highly true and fairness came with credibility and accountability

Truefulness: GLEAP pledged no support Bills cheating, made public and consistency of quotes reviews

Fairness: GLEAP’s policy does not apply to “two price” for various clients

Responsibility: GLEAP always keep the best effort to ensure the true commitment with the client, ready reproduce the orders if the mistakes belong to us


For clients: to provide the most convenient printing services, with the minimum customer’s costs:

For employees: building equitable work environment and Humanities; facilitating high income and capable development opportunities for all staff.

For society: to change habits of people into using print products friendly to the environment.



Self-up take the quotes for all products

We support professional tools to itself quotes created, unique, full of gadgets. Optimal customer support costs within a minimum budget based on very specific individual requirements of the customers

The best quality

We produce on the system of modern offset printing machine from Japan on the closed line, with full quality control process from design, publishing, printing and finishing machining of products

Creative design

We gathered the full team of experienced design, long active in the field of brand creation, join the project branding strict requirements on creativity and high professional

Quickly 24/7

We are committed to ensure delivery products in time based on the customer’s requirements and the capacity of our manufactory. We optimize the production costs based on the time ordered

Modern technology

We offer printing services on the 5 colors- offset printing machine of Japan, closed support system from desktop designing, printing, machining. Ensure quality, time, cost-optimized for the customers

Professional working

Our staffs be trained with the expertise and skills of professional customer support. The success and satisfaction of the customers is the goal of our services


HR is one of the key resource decisions to the existence and development of any business. So HR issues are always top concerns. GLEAP boasts dynamic staff, always read every creative passion in all their works in order to bring the value, the best product for the customer brand

Khiem Duong

Vo Nguyen

Van Tran

Cuong Nguyen

Minh Hoang

Bien Quach

In October 20th, the company held a party to celebrate, hoping to have a chance to communicate with the company that also knew about women employees. The director of the company said congratulations to my sisters for 20-10 days in the company are too important, too much fun, always beautiful, happy, and successful.

Process control error in GLEAP orders made before delivery to avoid errors.

The staff in our company always feel happy to be alive in the fire environment hard to work because customer’s satisfaction. These people always trying, developed to keep up with the times and technology to meet the customer’s needs to the maximum sentence. Beyond that is the passion of creation did not stop creating these special printing products, ensure the best quality for our customers.