Catalogue printing

GLEAP Vietnam addressing professional catalogue printing, prestige in Hanoi, Vietnam with the high-end products, design diversity, helping enterprises get an effective advertising tool.

Catalogue is the media, the document introduces the product category of the business, often in the form of a book, containing the full content can help people find the useful information . Using catalogue help enterprises maximize the advertising costs, introducing products at the same time, bring high value.

If your company need to print catalogues and wishing to find printing company in Hanoi, Vietnam? Please come to GLEAP Vietnam to get the high quality product and the most impressive.

GLEAP Vietnam – professional catalogue printing company in Hanoi, Vietnam

The technology of printing catalogues of GLEAP Vietnam

The printed catalogue of GLEAP Vietnam was made on the system of 5 colors offset printing machine from Japan. The surface is rolled or pressed sheet of the catalogue a plastic membrane, lining the ball to ensure the paper’s surface from scratches , tear, waterproof, and more to create aesthetic for the rights catalogue. Besides,  catalogues made by GLEAP Vietnam also has covered the surface, UV coating, lamination, emulsion to create polished for it as well as do the featured product catalogue than in other businesses.

Printing technology to print catalogs of GLEAP Vietnam

Printed catalogue with many varied designs, unique

To meet the different needs of each business, company, GLEAP Vietnam always trying to create the unique, diverse product line with the product, the brand of each business. With these lines, colors, fonts and images rich, the GLEAP Vietnam’s catalogue always more prominent than the competitors, and we are proud to be the company of high quality printed in Hanoi, Vietnam.

High quality printing

Produced time

Is a manufacturer of high-quality catalogue with diverse products, GLEAP Vietnam also printed fast, ensured the time of companies and enterprises.

With modern technology, with a staff of qualified, dedicated to the profession, GLEAP Vietnam always ensure every time as well as delivery. So, when coming up with us, you are not only satisfied about the quality of products but also satisfaction by service quality, to ensure timely progress on the business activities of enterprises.

If you want to search a catalogue printing company in Hanoi, look to us.

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