Dear our great customers!

GLEAP Vietnam providing the automated price computing systems for flexibility of industrial print customers. We support the entire auto price computing of print products on a variety of materials. Customers can be assured of financial planning is based on the very specific requirements of product parameters.

Automatic price calculation tools builded based on the criterias:

1. Maximum convenient, customers do not have much experiences on the printing industry also can calculate the price based on the recommendations of our most optimal

2. Absolute efficiency, the biggest beneficiaries of customers using the service at GLEAP Vietnam always be selected service packs depending on the product specifications, printing technology and delivery time. We help you maximize the benefits why keeped minimum budget range

3. Reliability and responsibility, our employees works in brand design, print publishing for long time, we are professionals of the entire printing system technology and the most complex print machining. We can help you choose the optimal variant according to your specific requirements.

4. Publicity and financial transparency. This was the strongest traits of GLEAP Vietnam,  you completely assured of our products when their prices was completely public on website by the automatic wonder calculation system.

We build systems of automated tools to calculate the price and the printing order is entirely for the purpose of serving you better. We wish that all our customers and our partners both benefit from this tool. Our goal is to create a fair, transparent culture in the printing industry today.

The managing Board of GLEAP Vietnam